Monday, January 2, 2012

the new year

hello eveyone in this new year i hope you have a great year planned out ...
ths year i got to think i told my self i need to share something that i might fall into and by learning might help people who are out there..
and yes it is about depression  ,
for some reason i found that the new year can also be associated with depression.
try to read those if have time it just might help you and also try to look after one another so as to avoid
things like" i did not no he was going through this" when you could have known..
if you are having problems like these try talking to some one or go to a church elder or some one you trust even your friends ..might help..make yourself the priority
and even as we can all help some one think about his..
 someone one said" as a doctor you can not help otheres if yourself are not ok" make sure you are ok in this year...

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